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a spooky lady (one of my dragons on FR! i only have two primals and shes one of em)

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That last was not supposed to be anon. I think I flicked the wrong button. Whoops!

Oops! Oh well, I was pretty sure I knew who sent it.

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You doing ok? Maybe a 'hundred things to do inside' or '100 things I won't take for granted again' ?

Sorry for worrying you, everything is A-OK.

100th Post: Humans are Space Orcs/Earth is Space Australia/Earth is a Death World

Can't believe I only just got to this.

Y'all remember the old Humans are Space Orcs/Earth is Space Australia meme/concept from Tumblr? The one where it turns out aliens consider Earth a death world and are terrified of humans? Because I have some Thoughts™ on it.

First: I absolutely love it. Stabby the Roomba (and their ever-growing promotions) is my favorite, and I'll get to them later. I like the idea that humans are actually more robust and hardier than most other aliens. I like humans being super de-sensitized, impulsive, and rash. I like humans being more aggressive and resourceful and just kind of asserting themselves places. I especially like humans being very good at making friends. I even like humans being really good at lying.

But there are some things about it that I don't like so much. Mainly things that stretch my suspension of disbelief so far that it finally snaps. And I guess I'd just like to talk about that? Given that, generally, HaSO/EiSA assumes that intelligent life isn't *SUPER* uncommon, humans being super unique in everything sort of annoys me. Humans being the only sentients to originate from a death world annoys me. Humans being one of very few sentients to originate from a death world is great. Honestly, humans being the first death-worlders that the local space community discover is usually pretty fun. Humans being the only carnivores to develop space travel annoys the fuck out of me, but carnivores being relatively rare and even Humans being rather more carnivorous than most is fine. I hate "humans are the only species to invent lies", but humans being really fucking good at deception is fun. Humans being the only species with pets, art, cosmetics, et cetera: annoying. Humans being the only species to have domesticated obligate carnivores primarily as companion animals: great. Humans being either the only species or one of very few species to find most apex predators cute: the best. I once saw someone who wrote that humans were the only group to invent either fire or explosives, or at least to use rockets, and that drove me mad. I can accept humans being way more willing to use extremely dangerous or unstable propulsion systems than normal, but I find it really hard to believe that nobody else figured out that if you make something beneath you explode, you go up - and decided it was useful - before figuring out how to bend space time or whatever. Basically, I like humans being crazy and taking things way further than anyone else, but humans being the only ones to think of relatively basic technology, or worse, being utterly unique really bothers me. Also stuff that diverges too far from the central theme tends to bother me. For example, what about coming from a death world makes it so that humans were the only ones to come up with music?

Now then, I think I said I would be getting to Stabby the Space Roomba? The basic concept of Stabby is that they were originally just a normal maintenance or cleaning robot on a human ship that some crew members decided to tape a knife to. After a while the space roomba got the name "Stabby", and the humans started pack-bonding. Eventually Stabby ends up being referred to as "Sergeant Stabby", and after a series of ridiculous events often involving happening to stab an unsuspecting invader, thus saving the day, Stabby keeps getting promoted and horned for their service/bravery, despite typically being depicted as entirely non-sentient. There were also sometimes mentions of the crew, being very attached to Stabby, sometimes modifying them in new and weird ways and even messing with the programming of both Stabby and the other robots.

This gave me an idea: Whenever the crew had to move to a new ship or abandon ship, they'd always take Stabby with them and integrate them into the space roombas of their new ship. Also, when Stabby eventually becomes obsolete, is damaged, or simply can't properly interface with the new ship or new robots, they crew refuses to give up on Stabby and just upgrade or modify them so they can stay. Eventually this piles on enough that Stabby gains true sentience. Since by this point Stabby's official rank is something like Admiral, they (or maybe she? I'll go with Stabby deciding to identify as a she for now) then have to go to officer school and terrorize all the other students (especially the non-human ones) by having weapons that can't even be confiscated because they are integral parts of her body. Cue wacky hijinks. Eventually she gets to return to her ship and crew, where the entire crew act as Stabby's adoptive parents. Cue additional wacky hijinks.

Basically I'd love to see a comeback for this kind of stuff.

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It's Valentine's Day!

I am

and ready to

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Anton Robert Leinweber 1912

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i can't believe it's not music

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now that's what i call butter

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friendly reminder that its not dr frankenstein its medical school drop out victor frankenstein and his weird son

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In Frankenstein's defense he dropped out for mental health reasons and not because he wasn't smart enough.

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draft one wolf kwami, getting the style down is hard my dudes

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i may be coughing every five seconds but have the rooster and dragon kwamis

I should probably like, post things, shouldn't I?

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My totally-not-a-fursona Chrissy

I'm still tryna figure out a story for her but i think she's gonna be a robot that builds n fixes other robots


totally not a furry guys she's a robot it doesn't count

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Oh god the cute.

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One of the horrible winged creatures that suddenly appeared on the planet.

It was given the name Soleil, for it shines like the sun. Those who gaze upon its radiance turn blind, and those in its presence for long periods of time show signs of intense UV radiation burns. Everyone is advised to head indoors immediately if the amount of sunlight in an area drastically increases.

It is oddly doll-like, and does not appear to speak the language of man.

Hey, add me on Pokemon Go, I'm 7746 3205 8276.

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trans rights are human rights

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This is the post with the most notes on the site currently


What I want

I just want to live in a post-revolution world where I can meet up with all my friends in a cafe in a snowy small town on the European coast, and lazily work on ascending beyond humanity through technological augmentation. Is that too much to ask?

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i havent done a serious arty thing in a long time so

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Asexual Pride

Questioning (General) Pride

Questioning Your Gender Identity Pride

Questioning Your Sexuality Pride

Questioning Your Romantic Stuff Pride

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lmao here’s a low-quality pucca fanart that i made on my 3ds.

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[로리늑대수인임신믹스 ](http://m.humoruniv.com/board/read.html?table=game&pg=0&number=2601314 "로리늑대수인임신믹스 )

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Third place winner @dldracorex !

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Man if i just put a bunch of commas in the tag line, will it be a bunch of commas or a bunch of hashtags

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Awnn man it just turns up blank

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I read that as "a bunch of commies".